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Zippi is the Ultimate in EBike silent fun for your children! 

Ready to ride the Zippi

The Zippi electric bike is fun for all ages from around 3 years and up. With the supplied training wheels your child can learn throttle control from an early age and the bike can adapt with their skill level. With a low charge time, your child can enjoy hour's of ride time fun!


With its small compact size and light weight, the Zippi ride is easily transported in the family car. Being an electric vehicle, the Zippi bike is a low maintenance machine. With no oil or fuel, maintenance is mess free. A simple chain tension adjustment is the main serviceable component. The wide pneumatic tyres provide grip and increased stability.

kids having fun on electric bike

Kids on electric bike

Kids camping with electric bike

Fun & Safe with the Zippi Two Speed Settings and Emergency switch.

The two speed switch allows the bike to grow with your child. As their confidence grows, their speed can too. turn the switch from low speed (8km/h) to High speed (16km/h) and watch as it unleashes a whole new element of fun, SPEED!! The two speed switch is located under the battery pack and can be reached by leaning the bike over and flicking the switch through a small hole. The switch is out of reach from small inquisitive fingers accessed from underneath the bike. Fast speed 16Km/h Slow speed, 8Km/h.

Training wheels included FREE

Each Zippi Ride is pre packaged with training wheels in the box, these can be installed with the tool included with your Zippi or removed as your child becomes more confident and skills up.

Zippi electric safety switch

Milla on the Zippi electric bike

ebike fun kids


Just like a balance bike but with a motor, these bikes are a tonne of fun for kids from 3 until 8 years old. The bike can grow with the child's experience and confidence. Going from using the training wheels on low speed, working up to taking the training wheels off and going for the high speed! Don't waste time with ride on cars and standard balance bikes, the Zippi Ride does it all and more! You won't be able to wipe the smile off your young ones face when they are riding around on their Zippi Ride.

Max fun Min noise Zippi

Electric bike camping ebike

Take me Camping!

The Ultimate camping accessory, the Zippi Ride is perfect for taking camping. It's silent, easy to charge and it will keep the kids entertained for hours! It also fits in all caravan easily and takes up little room.

Zippi electric ebike

Small Space - No Worries!

Small space to transport, no worries. The Zippi Ride will pack down to fit in most boot spaces of passenger cars, it's reasonably light and with two bolts you can fold down the handlebars for even more compact storage.

learning ebike

Learner Friendly

The Zippi is designed for children 3-8 yrs old. Each Zippi comes with training wheels and two speed selections. So no matter the skill level there is somewhere for the kids to start having fun!


Forget about complicated cords and instructions, with the Zippi Ride there isn't even any need to remove the batteries to charge the bike! Simply plug the pre-packaged battery charger into the charging port and leave until the green light illuminates on the charger which indicates full charge. Always ensure the charging port is clean and the cover is on when not charging. Charging time varies from 1-2 hours depending on the charge status of the batteries.

Zippi Kids on their bikes


We love colour and so will you, Zippi bikes come in Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink and Yellow so there is a little something for everyone.

Zippi bike colours


What's in the Box

  • 1x Zippi Ride - Colour of your choice
  • 1x 240v Charger
  • 1x Assembly Sheet
  • 1x Operators Manual
  • 1x Set of Training Wheels
  • 1x Assembly Tools

Bike Info

  • Bike Weight: 23kg
  • Maximum load (weight): 75kg
  • Top Speed (high speed switch): 16 km/h
  • Seat Height: 440mm
  • Handle Bar Height: 640mm
  • Wheel Base: 640mm
  • Length Overall: 920mm
  • Width Overall: 560mm
  • Height Overall: 660mm

Motor Info

  • Motor type: DC, Brush Style
  • Rated continuous output power: 200w
  • Rated speed: 275 +/- 7.5% Rpm
  • Rated voltage: 24v DC
  • Rated output torque: 1.21 Nm


  • Rated input voltage: 24v
  • Input voltage range: 20~28v
  • Input current without load: <115mA
  • Max. Output current of the motor: 30+/-1a
  • Under-voltage protection (Vqn): 20+/-0.5v
  • Max. conduction value: >95%
  • Starting voltage of handlebars: >1.4v
  • Protection voltage of the handlebar: <1.8v


  • Input voltage: 100-240vAC
  • Input current: 1.8amp Max
  • Output: 24v DC 1.5amp


  • Size: 152 x 65 x 94mm
  • Type: Lead Acid
  • Capacity: 12v 9ah

Two speed switch

  • Slow speed switch: 8 km/h
  • High speed switch: 16 km/h