Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones Earbuds 5.0 Sweatproof For Sports, Running, And Swimming

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No Wires.  No Holding You Back.

The 2019 Project Lvl Waterproof Earbuds are innovatively designed to give you the most superior sound performance over any other wireless headphones currently on the market. 

Built with the highest quality components, these earbuds will provide you with the desired comfort and stability you are looking for to keep you on track with accomplishing your most rigorous goals of 2019!

Now you can enjoy the benefit of fully Waterproof and Sweatproof earbuds to keep up with your active lifestyle while working out, playing sports, running in the rain, swimming, and more, without worrying about them ever falling out or having connectivity issues.

With a combined 36 hours of charge time, you can take them with you on all of your adventures - anywhere, anyplace, and anytime.

Innovatively Designed With The Latest Technology:

Bluetooth 5.0 Automatic Pairing Technology

Compatible with all of the popular Bluetooth-enabled devices on the market to provide complete freedom of movement up to 60 feet away! The 360° rotary switch automatically pairs the earbuds with your phone, tablet, computer, TV, or vehicle bluetooth receiver.

Waterproof and Sweatproof Design

Sweating it out in the gym or running through the rain, the acoustic ports are positioned to resist sweat and weather, and a hydrophobic cloth keeps all moisture out. Waterproof up to 30 feet deep!

Incredibly Long Charge Time

Comes fully charged with 6-hours of play time and receive an additional 30 hours of charge when stored in the portable battery pack bringing the total to 36 incredible hours of music, TV, radio, and talking on the phone.


Enjoy a sound sleep by using the built-in noise cancelling feature. You can also listen to the white noise of a calm, soothing waterfall, or a gentle rainstorm to help block out any disturbances at night such as your partner's loud snoring, or loud neighbors.  Just connect your earbuds to your Bluetooth device to listen to your favorite white noise.

Comfort and Stability

Specifically engineered to fit snug and tightly in your ears to completely eliminate fallout during all activities and workouts. The silicon stabilizer loop has a firm flex to it and adjusts for all sizes of ears to hold the earbuds firmly in place.  They will not fall out no matter how hard you try!

Easy to Carry

Equipped with a sleek, secure portable charging box so you don't have to worry about not having your earbuds in your pocket with you while you move about your active day. 

✅ Convenient One-Touch Control Technology

One button control to play & pause any music, change volume, skip to next/last song, and make all calls hands-free for safe driving.  Tap the left earbud 3x and ask Siri, Bixby, or Google Now any command you want through the premium built-in microphone. The microphone will automatically eliminate background noise and wind for clear, precise conversations.

*HOT Feature:

Use Siri (iPhones), Google Now, or Bixby (Samsung) assistants to give any commands by tapping the right or left earbud 3x! Here's how it works:

*Tap right or left earbud 3x*

Siri: "How can I help you?"

Respond with any command:

🔹 "Call Jim" to call Jim or anyone in your contacts

🔹 "Play music from Pandora" (or Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes)

🔹 "What does the weather look like today?"

🔹 "How does my commute look this morning?"

🔹 "Do I have anything on my calendar today?"

Package Includes:

2-Piece Dual Bluetooth Earphones 

1 Charging Box: Battery Capacity = 1000 mAh

1 Instruction Manual

The 3D stereo superior music quality produces crystal clear treble and a kicking bass. Designed with lossless HD rendering technology that let's you enjoy your music everywhere you go, even in a loud environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the voice commands for the Project Lvl Waterproof Earbuds work with Google Now as well as Siri?

- Yes, it sure does. They work with Google Now, Siri for iPhones, and Bixby for Samsung phones.  Just tap the right or left earbud 3x and your      assistant will ask you what you need.

Q: Can I fully submerge the Project Lvl Waterproof Earbuds in the water when I go swimming?

- Yes, they are waterproof up to 33 feet and can be fully submerged underwater.

Q: Can I use one earbud at a time for phone calls or listening to music?

- Yes, you can leave one earbud in the charging case and only pair one earbud at a time for both music and phone calls.  When only one earbud is paired, it switches to mono audio format so you can hear all sounds from the one earbud.  When both earbuds are paired, they revert back to stereo audio format.

Q: How long does the battery last on a single charge?

- The earbuds themselves will last for 4-6 hours of continuous play or call time.  The portable charging case will provide another 30 hours of charge.  When in standby mode, the earbuds will last for 100+ hours.

Q: How comfortable are they and do they stay in your ears when running?

- They are super comfortable due to the silicon loop support that fits snugly under the rim of your inner ear.  We have performed multiple tests during and after development to make sure these earbuds will not fall out no matter how intense the movement of your head may be.

Q: I have small ears... will these still work for me?

- Yes, we made sure to test all sizes of ears during development.  These are engineered to lock securely in place for small and large ears.

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