Toy For Kid Star Wars Buildable

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Product Descriptions

Today, Happy Toys will present an article about the benefits of toys. Toys are the first thing that speaks to children. Many children today are interested in playing toys. And saw new things to know Of course, if the child is in a fuss or even crying The only thing that can help stop those problems is "toys". No child will not play toys. Because the games of the children conveyed their mental health Clear mood Creative ideas arise from games.

Benefits of toys
           Providing toys to children Should be suitable for age and development Including giving children the opportunity to play The children will benefit as follows
           Toys help children use various senses. To fully and promote development in all aspects Toys help stimulate interest. Curiosity of children
           Toys help meet the needs of children in various activities.
           Toys give children the opportunity to express their thoughts freely to play.
           Toys help to build good basic characters for children. And can also help develop children in learning to live with others














By playing against the blocks will help your child learn these skills.
Scientific ideas: Baby will learn about science when he knows gravity. When the blocks that the next child dropped, the child will also learn to use the simple mechanism when the child builds a ramp to what the child is building.

Reasons about distances and spaces: Little designers will learn to manage spaces and objects through playing against blocks. "Does this one fit here?" "Will it fall?" "Will this make my body the way I want?" Continuing the blocks will help your child explore ways to manage areas and directions.

Mathematical thinking: Some mathematical skills can be found through playing against blocks, including counting. Comparison of lengths and widths of various shapes And how to put some geometric shapes together to make other shapes The baby will also learn the basics of addition when the baby finds two short blocks of the same size as another big block.

Reading and writing skills: From playing on blocks, baby understands the importance of sequencing, which is one of the first skills. Important in reading, the baby will share his experience with the blog. Both parents and teachers can help the little ones write stories about what they are creating.

Language skills: Little architects can learn language and vocabulary skills while they discuss what they are building.

Cooperation and responsibility: The baby learns of cooperation and sharing as the child continues to play with the family members or with other children. Aside from this, the baby learns how to be responsible when the baby sweeps the blocks after the child has finished playing.
The next time the parents are not sure what to buy for the baby for the next birthday party. Don't forget to consider buying a set of quality brick blocks. The benefits of a jigsaw puzzle are almost too much to describe in one page.

Item Type: Model
Mfg Series Number: Model
Soldier Accessories: Soldier Finished Product
Completion Degree: Semi-finished Product
Remote Control: No
Gender: Unisex
Size: 24-30cm
Material: PVC
Warning: None
Dimensions: 24-30cm
Scale: 1/60
By Animation Source: Western Animiation
Version Type: Second Edition
Age Range: > 8 years old
Commodity Attribute: Peripherals
Model Number: Star Wars
Original Package: no
Condition: In-Stock Items
Puppets Type: Model
Theme: Movie & TV
Feature: Space Star Wars
Feature 1: Buildable Figure Building Block
Feature 2: Stormtrooper Darth
Feature 3: Action Figure Toy For Kids
Feature 4: Vader Kylo Ren Chewbacca Boba Jango Fett
Feature 5: 100% Brand New High Quality Plastic Material