Stigma-X Tattoo Pen Kit

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Stigma Pro Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

Create an Artistic Vision for Beginners & Pro Artist

This Stigma Tattoo Pen Machine is designed to give you a fairly close feel to a real pen that a tattoo machine can give you. Treat yourself to a quick and better tattooing experience with less skin pain. For detailed line work and gray shading, this rotary machine does the job!


No More Interruption from Wires

Enjoy the low noise coreless motor and is a lightweight pen-style machine that can last without any heat for a long tattoo session. It enables artists to make tattooing procedures more comfortable and accurate than conventional devices. It provides great performance in making a line.

Reduce Future Wrist Pain

The advanced grips enable artists to work for longer periods of time and respond with greater control than they do with other tattoo machines. Such machines can adapt to any artistic movement while allowing you to perform well in any work environment in your craft.


Get it from the Best

The Stigma Tattoo Pen is made of CNC-Machined by aircraft aluminum alloy and high-quality RCA Connector Cords. They are compatible with the Cheyenne Hawk power supply and with all other brands as well.  Perfect for all the cartridges available on the market

A machine that Lasts a Lifetime

This tattoo machine features an integrated gear system that ensures stable and quiet operation. It has a working voltage of 5V–12V allowing a custom tattooing experience of a wide range of styles and techniques. They are built for utmost precision and last a lifetime.