Hydro Mousse - Smart Garden 🌿

Hydro Mousse - Smart Garden 🌿

Hydro Mousse - Smart Garden 🌿

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Revolutionary Spray - Attaches to any garden hose and grows your grass in just a few days. 

The right lawn seed mix for all climates where you spray it.

✔️ Sprayer
✔️ Solution bottle  (1 bottle = 130ft²)
✔️ Compatible with any type of grass


  • Easy to use
  • Safe for animals
  • 1 bottle covers up to 130ft²
  • Makes your grass grow 20x faster 
  • Perfect for gardens, lawns etc. 🌿
  • Product approved by thousands of satisfied customers


The seed sprayer is easy to apply and is the ideal solution for owners of uneven lawns who need to spruce up their lawns.

The sprayer improves the quality of the soil by allowing it to absorb more water. Ideal for dry areas, dog areas and high traffic areas. The sprayer sprays a mixture of quality seed and fertilizer on the lawn.