Robot Artist Quincy

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Still worrying about how to teach children to paint?
Want to teach children to paint, but are afraid to teach badly, wrong?
Best gift and a great painting mentoring teacher for your little one !!!

Product overview:
Scan a picture card and watch the artist get to work.
It also loves to spell words and play simple math games – a very busy bot.
Quincy can scan any of the 80+ included QR cards with his amazing eye. 


  • Quincy breaks each picture into basic lines and shapes and draws to show kids how to do each step.

  • Spell words together with Quincy
  • Each picture comes with a word spelling challenge to inspire kids learning words.

  • Addition and subtraction challenges
  • Math is inserted in scene pictures. Quincy will draw and tell a story, some addition and subtraction questions will pop out for kids to answer


  • Weight:516G
  • Product Size:153*105mm
  • Carton Box Size:170mm*150mm*175mm
  • Power:5V2A
  • Working time:5.5hours
  • Battery:2600mah 


  • Quincy the Robot!
  • 24 x Picture Cards
  • 10 x Number Cards
  • 26 x Letter Cards
  • 4 x Math Challenge Cards
  • 4 x Activity Books
  • USB Charging Cable