PlushX™ Soft Memory Foam Bamboo Fiber Pillow

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Are you sick and tired of being tired all the time?  In order to get that needed sleep and feel fresh and alive each day, a memory foam pillow has been shown to be instrumental in giving you the comfort your neck and head need to help you fall and stay asleep for longer periods.

This could be the last pillow you ever buy, the one pillow you thought you'd never find! 

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12x20inch Soft Memory Foam Pillow Bamboo Fiber Slow Rising Rebound Space Memory Sleeping Pillow 

Soft and comfortable, in order to give you a relaxed sleeping.
Made of memory foam, high quality and not easy to deform.

Ergonomic neck curve design: suitable for different sleeping postures to support the neck, fatigue relief.


- 40-degree elevation: perfect for neck and high sleep quality
- Slow rebound memory foam: thoroughly relaxes your head, neck, and shoulder muscles
- Detachable zipper design: to clean the cover and remain comfortable
- Bamboo fiber cover: dust-proof, breathable, wear resistant, and antibacterial


Filling: Space Memory Foam 
Material: Bamboo Fiber 
Use: Sleeping 
Shape: Rectangle 
Age Group: All 
Pillow length: Single player Pillow 
Size: 12x20x3.5 inch (50cm x 30cm x 8.5cm) 
Color: As show as pictures 

Package Included:

1x Memory Foam Pillow 

About material:
Memory foam pillow adopts high-tech polyether type of polyurethane material, adopting the memory pillow belongs to mould a type products, with the ordinary cutting sponge products all around is very bright and clean level off without blemish.This is one of the ways to identify memory and cotton.Therefore, a small hole in the pillow is a normal phenomenon, not a product caused by the problem, please feel free to use! 
About smell:
Polyether polyurethane material is an open cell tissue, which has the special effect of temperature stress relief. Therefore, it is often referred to as the thermal relief material. The bamboo charcoal memory pillow is selected by the authorities to carefully examine the body's absolutely harmless AIDS, which has a slight odor. And the so-called odorless memory of cotton in the market, their basic components are ordinary sponges, of course, no smell. We have a little smell of polyether type of polyurethane pillowcase, but please don't worry, you only after received the goods, open the outer packing of products, in shady and cool place air basks in 3-4 days, open air smell will disappear. Please feel free to use it!