Picnic Camping Stove

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1 Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material with fine workmanship and exquisite design, strong, durable for long time use, heavy duty, sturdy.

2 Lightweight and portable, easy for carrying and storage.
3 Use environment: Both ordinary outdoor environment and alpine outdoor environment are suitable.
4 This device can be used in superposition for meeting over 2 stoves.
5 A gas tank can be used to supply gas to multiple devices.
6 Exquisite workmanship provides long service life.
7 Portable size, easy to carry for outdoors, perfect for a picnic, camping, traveling, etc.

Material:Aluminum alloy
Size:A:168*30*30mm/  B: 148*148*30mm/  C:168*168*30mm

Usage Condition:Normal Outdoor
Application Method:Manual
Type:Switch Tool
Use environment:Ordinary outdoor environment, alpine outdoor environment


Package included:
1x Camping Stove Adapter