Paint Roller Brush Kit

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🎁8 Pcs Paint Roller Brush Handle Tool Flocked Edger Corner Cutter Home Office Wall Printing Tool Set 🎁

💌【 All in One Multi-functional Paint Roller Set 】💌  Package includes: 1 × Paint Runner Pro; 1 × Flocked Edger; 1 × Corner Cutter Painter; 1 × Resting Tray; 1 × Easy Flow Paint Pour Jug; 3 × Extensible Threaded Poles (length of each pole: 9.5", total length: 29")

💌【 Save Time and Money 】💌No prep time, No drop sheets, No tape masking. Just use this paint rollers pour and paint revitalize any wall or surface in just a few minutes. Save time and money, less wastage, skip the mess of traditional paint rollers.


💌 Excellent Paint Roller Brush Kit 】💌The paint roller brush for painting wall, door, floor, ceiling, roof or other large surface, the flocked edger for painting door frames, window sills or other narrow surface, the corner cutter painter for painting corners or edges.Simple and convenient!
💌【 Wonderful Poles】💌There are 3 extensible threaded poles, you don't need to climb up and down ladders when painting. You just need to assemble the poles together to reach high places. Just forget the risk of Working at Heights!
💌【Home Painting Helper 】💌Use the Super Fine Flocked Edger and Corner Cutter to quickly paint those tricky corners, or around switches outlets and door frames. Attach any broom stick or mop handle to extend the roller and paint a ceiling in a fraction of the usual time.