New 12 Volt Forklift Yellow With 2 x 35 Watt Motors

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For The First Time With Working Fork Lift Tines And A Small Plastic Pallet.  The Fork Can Lift Up To 10KG. If Your Little One Wants To Be Like Mum/Or Dad Or Loves ForkLifts, This Is The Right Toy For Them. Not Just For Fun But Great For Improving There Motoring Skills/ Or The Parents As It Comes With A Parent Remote. In Addition to that Comes with Eva Rubber Tyres For A Softer Ride, Inbuilt Music/ Aux/USB And Leather Seat
    • Available Yellow or Red 
    • Eva Foam Tyres (FOR A SOFT RIDE) 
    • 2x 35 Watt Motors
    • Battery 1*12volt 10Ah
    • Bluetooth Parent Remote that Over-rides the Car for Safety
    • 1x Leather Seat  
    • Battery operated Continuous fun for 1-2 hrs 
    • 3-speed Select Via Remote 
    • Start with button
    • SAA charger * Parent remote Control
    • CE material.
    • Suitable for children aged 3-5 years
    • Size: 146x63x101 cm
    • Max weight loaded: 35KG
    • Charging period: 8-12hr⁄time
    • Speed: 3-7 Km⁄hr
    • Forward⁄ Reverse, Turn left⁄right steering wheel Tines Up/Down 
    • Opening doors
    • LED Lights
    • Aux Input/USBMusic/