Mosquito Killer Stand

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A mosquito killing stand you can put anywhere in house to eliminate any flying mosquitos you need to take out.

A strong fan sucks the insects into the electrical surface and executes the insects right on the spot.


  • Automatic

Serves as a stand where you can place in a room, and it will automatically attract and kill the insects.

  • Effective

Powerfully attracts and traps mosquitoes, flies, gnats, flies, wasps, beetles and much more.

  • Quiet

No high-voltage electric and no zapping sounds, eliminates insects quietly!

  • Safe

Banish all insects without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals.

  • Durable

Made of industry grade materials that are built to last.


Size: 13*13.5*25cm

Color: Purple, White

Voltage: 5W

Powered By: USB Charge


1x Mosquito Killer Stand