Miracle Uterus Massaging Belt

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Miracle Uterus Massaging Belt

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Say goodbye to annoying and long lasting menstrual cramps.

Introducing this innovative Miracle Uterus Massaging Belt. It will not only get rid of the menstrual cramps but also make sure that they don't affect your sleep during the night.

The belt is using the most modern infrared technology. Safe vibration massage combined with the hot compressor will promote blood flow, get rid of period pain and allow you to sleep tight throughout the night.

In just one click, you can turn the belt on and adjust the temperature. Thanks to the breathable materials, overheating and burns are prevented. With the USB charger, you can easily recharge your belt each month and ease the pain without any difficulties.

  • Soft and comfortable material, ideal for wearing overnight
  • Adjustable length of the belt for the perfect fit
  • Soft and safe vibrational massaging for instant pain relief
  • Adaptable heating, preventing overheating or burning


 Easy USB charging
 Even heating
 Adjustable temperature

 Safe infrared vibration massage


 Temperature range: 40, 50 and 60 degrees
 Length: 110 cm

 Weight: 50 grams


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For just $30.99 get this Miracle Uterus Massaging Belt and easily reduce annoying menstrual pain.