Miracle Uterus Massaging Belt

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Menstrual cycles and cramps can be annoying, and it can be tough to tolerate the pain every month

The pain that occurs in the lower abdomen and lower back usually lasts for 2-4 days that can extremely be distressing to endure. 

The Miracle Uterus Massaging Belt features a modern massaging design that helps you lessen the painful feeling of menstrual cramps instantly

Innovative Features & Benefits 

Smart Infrared Massage: The Miracle Uterus Massaging Belt is equipped with a smart infrared massager that is equipped with a hot relaxing compressor. 

USB Charge: Easily charge your belt using the USB cable that is included within your purchase! Instantly charge your belt and reduce your monthly menstrual cramps without any issue!

Controllability: The 3 smart massage vibration modes will allow you to carefully adjust the strength power of your massager easily. 


Heating temperature: 40 degrees C/55 degree C/65 degree C

Vibration massage: adjustable three-stage strength

Weight: 50g

Waist circumference: 60-100cm