Mechanical Toilet Bidet Attachment

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Mechanical Toilet Bidet Attachment

Stop Irritating Your Tush with Toilet Paper: Get a Full Hygienic Cleanse for Your Bum (Without Wasting Money on Toilet Paper)

  • Save Thousands of Dollars on Wasteful Toilet Paper
  • Hygienic Cleanse for Your Tush - No Irritation or Itchiness
  • Easily Attach to Your Existing Toilet in 15 Minutes (No Professional Installation Needed)
  • Join 9,179 Americans Getting a Delightful Cleanse for Their Bum

How does the Bidet Attachment work?

It attaches directly to your existing toilet and then uses your existing water supply to give you a hygienic cleanup. Customers have set up the Bidet Attachment in as little as 15 minutes. Using refreshing water instead of itchy toilet paper leaves you without any irritation.

Will This Fit my Toilet?

This Mechanical Toilet Bidet Attachment fits almost all American toilets including one piece and two piece toilets.

Do I need to add any wires for electricity?

No, it runs off of solely off the water supply line you install and does not require any external electricity or wiring.

Does this use dirty toilet water?

No, this Toilet Bidet Attachment uses water directly from your tap water supply, it does NOT use water from your toilet!