LED Simulated Flame Effect Silk LED 3D Fake Fire Lamp for Christmas Party Festival Night Clubs Atmosphere

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 Bittychoice LED fixture emits a simulated flame effect with no heat. The LED Flame Machine creates an extraordinary dramatic flame effect and is a must for stages, events, discos and restaurants etc. With it’s 36 Ultra Bright 10mm LEDs (R: 28, B: 8) the LED Flame machine’s breath taking effects will inject heat into any party and can be run continuously all night long without any worries about overheating and replacing any lamps. Its robust lightweight housing makes this flame machine an ideal piece of equipment for event companies who wants to bring their show alight!

Main Features:

36Ultra Bright 10mm LEDs (R: 28, B: 8)

LED fixture emits a simulated flame effect with no heat.

High velocity fans (not suitable for low noise applications)

Lightweight robust housing

On/Off power switch

Spare 1.5M/1.8M/2.0M flame silk included

Max flame height: 1.5 m/1.8 m/2.0 m


Voltage: AC110V/60Hz


Light source: 36 beads (28 red, 8 blue,)

Blower Power: 45W x 2.

Lifespan: 60,000 hours.

Size: 48.0 cm * 21.0 cm * 32.0 cm

Unit weight: 10.0 kg

Flame Height: 1.5 m, 1.8 m, 2.0 m

Package Included:

1 × 3D Fake Fire Lamp

1 × User Manual