Kanga™️ Kangaroo Bouncy Jumping Shoes

Kanga™️ Kangaroo Bouncy Jumping Shoes

Kanga™️ Kangaroo Bouncy Jumping Shoes

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Have you ever wanted to just set all your troubles free and jump up and down like a wild kangaroo? With our Kangaroo Bounce Jump Shoes, you can now let yourself loose and just bounce!

Kangaroo Bounce Jump Shoes

(Perfect For Kids/Adults)

Designed to help burn calories while having fun, our kangaroo shoes make it extremely easy to build a nice and toned body while strengthening core muscles.

The bottom portion of the jump shoes contain a special shock vibration device designed to make each landing safe. In fact, the bounce boots are designed to handle body weight of up to 200 lbs!

Kangaroo Bounce Jump Shoes

Best part of all, our kangaroo jump shoes help release the pressure that has accumulated in certain joints and actually helps get the blood flowing. Our kangaroo jump boots allow full range of motion and are suitable for both kids and adults.

Unlike traditional jumping shoes, it's extremely easy to balance on our kangaroo shoes and doesn't require tons of bruises to learn.

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MAKES EXERCISE FUN - Why run around like a normal person when you can jump around with our bounce boots as if you're an astronaut and wake up your hidden child again?

Not only do our jump shoes provide an effective way to exercise, but these youth jumping shoes actually help make the whole experience FUN!

HIGH QUALITY - Simply put, our kangaroo jump shoes were designed to give utmost comfort to the wearer.

The bottom portion of the kangaroo shoes have sturdy buckles and clamps, designed to hold the person's weight without collapsing and providing a bounce each time the bounce boots touch the ground.

In addition, our jump shoes give off a vibration that vibrates within the wearer's body, helping promote blood circulation.

EASY TO USE - The youth jumping shoes are extremely easy to use; simply unpack, wear on your feet, and bounce away!


1x Set of Kangaroo Jump Shoes