6 in 1 Fat Burning Cavitation Machine RF Red Blue Light Body Shaping Slimming for Home

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Product name: Phototherapy radio frequency shaping fat-burning machine
Application: For Home Use
Warranty: 12 Months
Technology: CV Ultrasonic + EMS + RF (radio frequency) + LED (red and blue light) + Vibration
Function: Slimming, Weight Loss, Firming
Treatment area: Body
Voltage: 100V-240V
Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
Waterproof: No
Power Supply: USB Recharge

Ultrasonic: The fat-burning machine can remove fat sacs deep in the skin, reduce stubborn fat, achieve the effect of weight loss and body shaping, and shape the abdomen, arms, waist, legs, and buttocks. This is the most correct decision for you to choose a body sculpting massager.
-EMS: The periodic change of EMS is used to contract the muscles, exercises the muscles and increase the elasticity.

-LED Red&Blue Light: Red LED 630nm wavelength, increases collagen, improve wrinkles, sagging, and other age skin. It also works to repair damage caused by ultraviolet rays and can be expected to have an anti-aging effect. Blue LED wavelength:465nm(±10nm), reduces oily secretion and prevents rough skin. Red-led light therapy is the most popular light, and the effect will be more prominent when used with blue-led light therapy. They can improve skin condition, skin rejuvenation, slimming weight loss machine, and help you restore youthful and vigorous skin.
-RF: Warm your skin with high frequencies. The thermal effect of the 1 MHZ radio wave warms the skin over a wide area from the inside, promoting blood circulation, activating skin cells, and promoting the elimination of waste products. Radio waves can tighten the skin, reduce fat, and reduce fine lines.
-Vibration: The vibration of the fat-burning machine shrinks collagen fibers, accelerates the rate of fat decomposition, and effectively reduces stubborn fat.

Fat Burning Cavitation Machine Package Including
1 x Fat-burning machine
1 x English user manual
1 x Power adapter
1 x USB charging line