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Perfect to go out in the midday sun and at times when the sun is intense and beating down. It's thin, and no-frills, but it's light, comfortable enough, and does what it is supposed to do.

  • UPF 50+ SUN PROTECTION:  passed UPF 50+ test, blocks 97.5% or more of sun UV rays
  • One Size Wide Brim: Large enough to block most sun UV rays; provides excellent full coverage of head & face.
  • Folds easily to fit into luggage but doesn't look tired or squashed afterward
  • The neck cover can be folded under the rim if not wanted.
  • Adjustable via the tie in the back outside of the hat
  • Wide front brim to shield your eyes from the glaring sun
  • The opening for the ponytail is placed perfectly. 
  • Overall Fashionable & Functional 

Washing instruction:
We suggest a hand wash with cool water and mild soap and lay flat to dry.


5 Star  
placed by Bradley beavers

My wife surprisingly really liked this hat. It's not a style she has ever worn before, but her last beach hat bit the dust so we decided to try this one. Material is lightweight, good quality, and very comfortable. It packs down easily, yet keeps its shape when unfolded. The ponytail hole is a huge plus, with the ability to also adjust it as well. The extra ties make the hat personalized with the ability to ensure it doesn't blow away in heavy wind. Love the SPF quality and how quickly it can dry when wet. There's really nothing to not like about this hat! 

5 Star 
placed by happy mommy

 I absolutely love this hat! I am fair-skinned and burn easily. This hat helps keep me covered and protected from the sun. It has a nice wide brim. The front brim is stiff and sturdy, while the back is floppy to protect the back of your neck. The hat is lightweight and packable. It's breathable and you don't get too hot in it. I always get too hot in hats, but not this one. It is super functional, yet stylish and cute. There is a cute lacey bow in the back. I couldn't say enough good things about this hat and highly recommend it! 

5 Star  
placed by Lynne Hersh

The wide brim of this hat protects from the sun. I like the flap in the back that also protects the neck. A chin strap is attached but it can easily be hidden in the hat if not needed. I will not be using the ponytail slot but it is there for those who need it and it is a nice feature, not usual for this type of hat. This came flat and upon opening looks great first time out so I will have no problem packing it in a suitcase or a beach bag.