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Stay Cool Anywhere Anytime.

Evinga™ is the only windowless Mini Cooler AC Unit that you will ever need to beat the heat without breaking the bank.

The portable air conditioner that blows cool, fresh air and effortlessly humidifies and purifies the air around you is now better than ever with twice the cooling power.

This small air conditioner uses Hydro Chill Technology to convert hot air into cool air to keep you from sweating and immediately relax your body.

Our Portable Air Conditioner is completely upgraded with an evaporative filter to cool you better with more simplicity, easier maintenance, stronger wind, and more compact. This portable ac is very easy to use as all you have to do is fill the tank with water or ice and connect it to an adapter or laptop or power bank using the USB cable. It will run for up to eight hours in a single fill.

It is perfect to be used in your house or garden or anywhere else where you need constant cool air to keep you refreshed and relaxed.

  • Three Functions, One Device: Evinga™  Portable Air Conditioner is intelligently designed to rapidly cool your space in only a couple of minutes. The new evaporative air filter is made with sponge material with an anti-microbial coating. Moreover, its multi-layer filters purify the air to make sure you are not breathing any harmful toxins or germs.

  • Quick Temperature Drop: As soon as you fill-up the water inlet and switch on the cooler, the motor will immediately take in the warm air and blow out cold air with proper humidification.
  • Show off its Convenience: This small portable air conditioner is lightweight and USB powered so you can easily connect it with your laptop or power bank if you wish to take it outdoors. The cooler has a wider outlet that distributes air to a wider range, giving you an all-around cooling. It will give you optimum moisture levels and cooling.

  • Super Quiet and Adjustable Fan Speed: This mini air conditioner is specially constructed as a quiet yet powerful device so that you can use it throughout the night without disturbing your sleep. The AC also features three-speed levels, low, medium, and high that you can control according to your convenience and need.
  • Control the LED Night Lights: Evinga™  Portable Air Conditioner features seven interchangeable soft LED lights that would double as a night lamp. The lights can be switched off at the touch of a button. The soft lights and some music can help you relax while you go to a comfortable and sound sleep.
  • Easy Maintenance: Since the filters are detachable, you can easily clean them by dusting off the dirt and then reinsert them as it is.

  • Environment-Friendly and Energy Efficient: Unlike traditional air conditioners, Evinga™  Portable Air Conditioner is not hard on electricity bills. It uses only 10 W power and requires no toxic freons/coolants, so you no longer have to worry about long hours of usage. It shuts off automatically once the water runs out so it is perfectly safe too.


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*make sure to add ice as well as water for extra coolness*