Electric Smart Teasing Cat Toy

Electric Smart Teasing Cat Toy

Electric Smart Teasing Cat Toy

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Cat Toy

The toy adopts high-quality ABS material, and this material is durable and resistant to scratch to make the product have a long service, which is economical.  The Electric Cat Toy can move randomly so that the cats can not grasp it easily, which can add the entertainment on playing to make them spend much time on the toys, and they will not have time to destroy and scratch the furniture.

The Electronic Turntable Toy can let you free your hands and have a rest. The cats can play the toy themselves. These great gifts for your beloved pets. Toys can instead of the owners to accompany cats to spend a boring time, and it can help them ease the unhappy mood and release the pressure.

Moving Toys can let pets dog some exercise for having a healthy body, and it also can exercise their intelligence to awake their natural hunting instinct and keep them stimulated mentally and physically.


  • Size: 173*72mm / 6.81*28.35in
  • Toys Type: Feather Toys
  • Material: Plastic