DryDome 150W UV LED Nail Dryer Ultra Violet 45 LED Cure Nail Gel Polish

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Secure your Discounted DryDome 150W UV 45 LED Nail Polish Dryer while SPRING SALE is on!

You want clean, consistent nail polish drying and gel curing without the fear of messing up?

Discover Maximum Power of 150W (stronger than other nail dryers) and 45 LED diodes able to cure all kinds of fancy nail gel polishes you absolutely love and desire. Easy way to farm compliments for your nail polish art!

Without a doubt the best choice for any beautiful woman who is looking for consistency.

best ultra violet nail lamp uv led 150w nail gel polish cure dry


✔️ Control The Heat – the DryDome lets you dry your nails in 4 different time settings: as fast as 10/30/60 or 90s to dry nail polish and cure light-sensitive gel, accentuate or finish up for the perfect look.

✔️ Full Spectrum UV Nail Lamp – UV wavelength is beneficial for our health and essential when it comes to the corrects frequency of your own nail dryer. The DryDome is not only the most advanced Nail Polish Dryer currently available but also lets you Cure Gel of 365nm up to 405nm Ultra Violet Light. 

✔️ Award-Worthy Design – the Design and shape of the DryDome checks all boxes. It's not just astatically pleasing, but it is lightweight, detachable and travels with you anywhere you want to go, but also distributes Ultra Violet Light in the best and most strategic way to always get a consistent result when drying and curing your nails.

✔️ More For Less – The value clearly exceeds the price for the DryDome with 150W of Maximum Power and 45 LED diodes that do not only drive home a bunch of compliments for your stunningly perfect nail designs and vibrant colors, but Ultra Violet Light also lets you heal open wounds, rejuvenates skin tissue and sterilizes viruses and bacteria.

✔️ Smart Technology – Inside the DryDome we placed Smart Sensors that automatically detect your hand movement and switches on or off when you want to dry your gel polish and knows when you are finished to admire the result. LCD Display lets you know showing the Timer Counter.

hands and feet nail and toenail gel polish dryer curing polish uv 45 led 150W

NOTE: The DryDome 150W 45 LED can be used for both, hands and feet gel curing and nail curing. It is advised to have a separate one for each or just detach the magnetic base and place it on the floor.

For durable, shining and overall perfect nails set the Timer according to the gel you are using for your nails, then place your hand inside the DryDome, pull it out and turn your hand upside down and place it in the DryDome again. Repeat the process for the duration of your set time and let the heat cure the gel. By applying this technique you ensure to avoid the exothermic reaction and heat sensation on your nails.

After you finished open the windows for fresh air circulation.

Since the DryDome is made of Premium Quality, we advise you to use higher quality nail gel for the most amazing results for your nail art.

Maximum Power DryDome Nail polish gel curing uv nail lamp 45 led 365nm 405nm ultra violet wavelength


Name: DryDome Sunx5 MAX Nail Polish Gel DryerLED Lights: 45 Diodes
Rated Output: DC 24V
Rated Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Material: Premium Safe ABSLiftetime: LEDs are long-lasting (up to 5 years)
Product size: 9.06''x7.87''x4.13'' (23*20*10.5cm)
Color: White
Power: 150W(MAX)
Plug: US plug
Gross Weight: 20oz (578g)

easily detachable uv nail lamp best uv led lamp to cure nail gel polishCure All Nail Gels: Clear Builder Gels, Pigmented, Colored, Polish Gels Powerful & Limitless!

UV nail lamp cure gel polish dryerWhat do I get:

1 x DryDome Ultra Violet LED Nail Dryer
1 x Power Cord
1 x English User Manual

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