Basal Thermometer for Ovulation — Temperature Charting for Fertility Tracking — iProven BBT-271A

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  • Predict your ovulation with certainty
  • Up your chances of pregnancy
  • Slow but sure — One minute a day to get a grip on your cycle
  • Batteries and hard case included
  • With easy instructions to help you get started

Guidance towards your BFP
When you missed your cycle — again — you’re looking for guidance. For the confidence you need to finally get your very own BFP.

Look no further! Our Basal Thermometer BBT-271 is designed to lead moms-to-be to their positive pregnancy test. All you need to do is measure first thing in the morning, and have a little patience. Because this thermometer needs one minute for measuring your real body temp.

Get Started Easily
Not sure how charting your body temp works? An easy guide is included, so you can get started right away.