BestSkull™ Mens Waterproof Electric Bald Head Shaver Razor

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Grab your BestSkull™ Mens Waterproof Electric Bald Head Shaver Razor today while supplies last! 

Many guys are looking for the fresh, clean look of a shaved head, and our balding friends are gaining more confidence to take it all off instead of looking for cover-up solutions.

For bald or aspirationally-shaven gents, our BestSkull™ Men's Waterproof Electric Bald Head Shaver Razor is essential in your quest to achieve the perfect shaved head.

Advantages of our BestSkull™ Electric Razor over manual razors

  • It's SOOOO much faster.
  • It reduces cuts and ingrown hairs.
  • It does not require shaving cream, gel, or soap.
  • You can use it in a variety of locations, not just in your bathroom at home.


●Wet & dry shaver
●Removable cutter head
●Intelligent control system
●5 cutter heads, more thorough
●Body wash razor, waterproof, easy to clean
●Floating veneer technology, cleaner and faster
●Ergonomic design. You can shave and haircut
●Ajust heads following to every curve of your face
●LED charging lamp design, red is charging, green is full
Application: shaving, barber
Package included:
●1 x Shaver (five heads)
●1 x Cable
●1 x Brush
●1 x Manual