4K UHD Dashcam With Wi-Fi and GPS

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Real 4K & 1080P Dual-Channel Recording
Dual dash camera with 4K 3840*2160P@60fps front and 1920*1080P@60fps rear, 4 time higher than a regular Full UHD recording, it is the highest quality possible at this time, which providing the most detail of license plates and road signs for driving.

Keep vigilant eyes on your vehicle with Live Video Streaming in HD Quality
UHD Quality Live Streaming allows you to capture everything happening inside & outside of the vehicle.
Two cameras working together to eliminate blind spots in your video recording.  
A picture in picture display will let you have a clear view from inside and outside of your car with live streaming support right to your smartphone.
Track your vehicle location and analyze driving behavior with advanced GPS
Get to know your vehicle location, direction and varied driving events in real time.

Traquer Dashcam with Wi-Fi Hotspot, Never lose internet on the Road

Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot to share internet with other smart devices like phone, tablet and laptops.

The car dashboard camera has f1.8 apertures (the largest in the industry)

Bringing Security with Impeccable Ease-of-use

Voice input
 Parking mode
Motion detection
170° A+140° wide angle lens
Emergency video lock
Slow-mo video
Supports up to 128GB class 10 - U3 speed micro SD card
Don't miss out on anything when it goes dark
Once the light is insufficient Traquer will turn to 'night vision' to capture a clear and vibrant driving footage. Its professional 'night vision' lens' allows it to clearly capture anything happening in the dark night.
Product Feature
Parking Guard
The camera will switch to parking mode automatically (In this mode, the G-sensor and motion detection are still standby). 

Powerful Compatibility

Easy to Set Up
With simplified wiring design and solid installing kits, make your installation easier, mount your camera firmly.
Product Detail
4k dash camera, your confidence to drive
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS
  • UHD 4k resolution: Captures every moment in smooth, sharp video quality.
  • Dual lens: Both the front and rear sides of your cars are recorded, for further safety.
  • UHD & Night Vision: Maintains clarity both day and night, prevent over/underexposure.
  • Built-in G-Sensor: Automatically locks the footages in emergency situations.
  • Parking Guard: Automatically record the evidence when sudden shake/collision happens.
  • Loop recording: Overwrite the unprotected old files when the SD card reaches its storage.