3 In 1 Shower Head

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3 Modes of Water Pressure for Your Best Shower Experience With 3 in 1 Shower Head!

Have you ever experienced different shower modes with one shower head? No, right? 3 In 1 Shower Head is a luxurious high-pressure shower head that has three ways as well as it is pressurized and can rotate to 360°. Now, be introduced with different water pressure with one shower head!


  • ROBUST SHOWER HEAD: Pulse mode generates durable water as well as bring comfortable massage experience. On the other hand, surfing mode releases comprehensive water with a large amount of water. This mode completely opens the pores, releases human body fatigue, relieves pressure, and so on. Also, the primary mode’s water area is big; the water current is exquisite. It will let you purify the exhaustion of a day, taking relaxed sleep.

  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE: The showerhead With three modes: The pulse mode, the Surfing model & The rain patterns, each style is an exceptional shower experience for you. The water is excellent, thick, and uniform that will take the skin feels gentle and comfortable.

  • DETACHABLE DESIGN: The shower head can be detached as a sprayer. Without the stainless steel panel's filtering, the showerhead can spray high-pressure water to clean the corner of your bathroom effectively and conveniently.

  • CONVENIENT TO INSTALL: This is a suitable shower head for your shower. It can be connected in minutes without tools. No need to punch that makes easy installation. It does not hurt the wall; a tear a paste can be.
  • 360 DEGREES ROTATING AROUND: Standard four-point interface fit for most families use. Humanized one essential stop design, convenient and quick. One crucial stop water once opens and uses.

  • HIGH-PRESSURE ASSURANCE: For German LUV water limiting matrix supercharging technology, Laser pinhole type pressurized water outlet, washing is more powerful.