24 Pcs Lock Pick Set , Lock Picking Tools With Clear Training Lock

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24 Piece Lock Pick Kit Features:

  1. This lockpick set is for the beginner who wants to learn the basic techniques for picking locks, however, the kit goes well beyond that as it provides the tools for most lock types. This makes the kit great for those who want to expand beyond a basic kit. You never know what household or vehicle lock will need your new skillset. Having the right tools for any occasion is your best option.
  2. In general, to pick any lock, you will need a tension tool and a raking tool. These must be used in combination in order to release the internal lock pins. However, not all locks are the same, so you need to have the appropriate tension tool and the appropriate lock picking rake. We've got you covered with this tool kit.
  3. Imagine for example that you purchased an old desk that has some locked drawers but no keys, or perhaps there is a cabinet that has been passed down through your family, but no one can open the locking mechanism. People through stuff out all the time because they have lost their keys and can no longer use the item. 
  4. Obviously these new skills and new tools should never be used for any illegal activity, but your new skillset will be appreciated by friends or family that are having an issue with their locks.
  5. Once you have this lock picking toolkit, there are several videos on the internet that can provide you with information on how to use each of the tools and which tools work best in which situations. You should also practice with the clear padlock provided in this package.

 The transparent padlock allows you to see the inside of the lock mechanism so you can easily practice your lock picking technique.  These professional lock picking tools are effective for most locks once you have mastered the technique. The kit bag keeps all the tools neatly stored for easy access.

To get started, you should use the padlock key to watch how the inner pins react as the key is entered into the padlock and then how the pins react when the key is turned. The clear, see-through lock lets you see the pins moving up and down.


Then use the lock picks to try to replicate the movement of the pins. Keep practicing until your technique is solid. Most locks work exactly the same way, so once you have mastered the practice padlock, you will be able to open most other locks using the same technique. This professional lock pick set has 20 lock picks and 4 tension tools which provide you with the right toolset for most locks. 


The kit includes 20 professional lock picks. The different types of picks, rakes and dimple tools provide for a more complete toolset depending on the type of locks you are trying to open (cabinet locks, door locks, ignition locks, padlocks, etc.)


4 Different Tension Tools which allow you to keep tension on the lock cylinders while you are using the appropriate lock picking rake for that lock type.

A Handy Kit Bag To Keep all your picking tools in place and easily accessible.

Package Includes:

  • 20 different types of rakes
  • 4 tension tools
  • 1 clear practice padlock with keys
  • 1 handy tool bag to keep everything organized.


Please check your State laws in regards to possession of a lock picks before you purchase. By purchasing this lock pick set from Tommy's Gore, you are agreeing to not hold Tommy's Gore liable for purchases in States where possessing lock picks without a license is against the law.