1080P Wireless Alarm Clock Security Camera Plus

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If you want to have some extra security on your house, living room, or bedroom. You can set this hidden camera alarm clock, which is almost undetectable and great for keeping an eye on your house. 

Original hidden camera alarm clock

You can place it at your office, desk, or even your bedroom. wherever you feel like your personal goods might be in danger. Protect your privacy! There is nothing better than having your own camera and that you could see everything from everywhere! Thanks to this hidden camera alarm clock connect to your Wi-fi network and you can see real-time video from your cellphone and record it if you want to! 

High-quality camera.

This hidden camera alarm clock can record videos up to 4K Quality. And has a wide range lens that covers up to 166°. Not just that, but this camera also comes with motion and noise detection. When it sees or hears something, it will send a notification to your cellphone and you will see what is going on over there! You can have your spy, thief or anyone caught on camera and they will never know how!

Although this camera is actually an alarm clock and there is nothing weird with seeing an alarm clock always plugged in. This camera can work up to 4 hours unplugged thanks to its 1200mAh battery. Which is perfect if our smart robber of thief tries to turn off the electricity. 

If that is not enough then we tell you our product comes with high-quality night vision recording, so that you don't miss anything! No matter how late or how dark it is!

Protect the members of your family. You can put this alarm clock on your elder's bedroom to check on them every now and then in case they are sick.


Product Specifications:

  • High Definition Support: 1080P (Full-HD)
  • Built-in Memory Size: None
  • Features: Clock Mini Camera
  • Frames: 25fps-120fps
  • Video Resolution: 4K UHD Resolution 166 Degree wide view
  • Material: plastic, metal
  • Charging Voltage/Current: DC 5V1A
  • support device: Apple phone, Android phone, tablet, computer

Package contains:

1x 1080P Wireless Alarm Clock Security Camera Plus