Women 11pc Fitness Rubber Resistance Training Band Set

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Can't go to the gym? You can now workout at-home without investing in expensive fitness equipment!

Cast off your expensive gym membership because these elastic bands will surely give you the same result in the comfort of your home! Whether you are up for a full-body workout or have just a few spare minutes, 11pc Fitness Rubber Resistance Training Band Sets is the perfect solution for you!

This is specially designed to help you perform different exercises and workout routines, so you can work for any muscle group in the body in countless ways, and get the results (and look) you want quickly and effectively, from the comfort of your own home.

11pc Package Contents:
2 x foam covered handles
2 x ankle straps
1 x door anchor
5 x resistant bands
Nylon carrying bag
English manual 

14pc Package Contents:
The 11pc Package
5 extra elastic resistance bands
- Made from premium quality rubber latex and will not over-stretch
- Strong cushioned foam handles with zinc alloy clips and D-ring
- The connection to the bands is specially designed, firm, more resistant and never break up
- Easily creating over 30 different resistance levels by attaching 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 bands to the handles
- Perfect for yoga, pilates, workout and home-based strength training



Coaches can use our resistance bands to create effective fitness And weight loss programs for their clients. Whether you are a beginner or an expert; five resistance bands can fully meet your needs.