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How to disinfect the whole room without having to use harsh chemicals?

Many of our customers were pondering this question before they came across our solution. As you probably know, people are paying extra attention to hygiene and disinfection these days. But could you be doing more harm than good by using household cleaners and harsh chemicals?

We think you are...

You see, household cleaners contain dozens of proven harmful ingredients -everything from endocrine disruptors and carcinogens to respiratory system irritants (which can cause allergies, asthma, and even pneumonia). You guessed it right… You don’t want any of those chemicals circulating in your air or getting in contact with your skin.

So what to do? Leave things in your house without disinfection and forget about eliminating viruses and pathogens? Hell no! We have a better solution.

Both the healthcare and food industries inspired UVlizer™. These industries often do not use chemicals to disinfect their rooms and tools. Why? Because of strict policies against the use of those harsh chemicals. So what do they use instead? They use two things that are present in nature: light and oxygen, particularly a light wave called UV-C (the sun is the most significant source of UV-C) and tri-oxygen or what’s called Ozone. And those are precisely what UVlizer uses.

These two natural solutions ensure that your room is 99.99% free from bacteria, viruses, fungus, and molds… all without compromising your health and the health of your family. But it doesn’t stop there. UVlizer  also eliminates bad odors and helps undo some of the harm done by using household chemicals. It does so by removing many of the other toxins circulating in the air, like formaldehyde.

This is what the CDC says about the technology: “The entire UV spectrum can kill or inactivate many micro-organisms, but UVC energy provides the most germicidal effect. It is effective for the destruction of airborne organisms or the inactivation of organisms on surfaces.”

Therefore, by using Uvlizer you will be able to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and pathogens you didn’t even know were there and reduce the chance of you or any of your family members getting sick.

  • Suitable for 100-250 sq ft - The 38W bulb in Uvlizer can easily disinfect a whole 250 sq ft room like a bedroom, living room or kitchen. That means you can protect yourself and your family without worrying about other side effects. Total peace of mind!
  • Ozone production – Germicidal UVC light produces ozone during disinfection which makes it possible to disinfect the areas where ultraviolet light cannot reach. You just turn on the device, set the timer and relax knowing that every single corner of your room has been disinfected.
  • Can be used on any household item - Use it on silverware, dishes, telephone handsets, laptops, or other home appliances. It’s 100% chemical free and safe if used correctly.

  • Portable design - Uvlizer is super portable, which allows you to easily disinfect any room or area of your home.
  • Internal timer with Auto-Off function - The internal timing feature will stop the device as soon as optimal disinfection time has elapsed. This means that you can set the device and relax in another room with all the tranquility you need.