UV LED Torch Light Ultra Violet Sterilizing Blacklight Waterproof Portable Inspection Lamp

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Secure your Discounted UV Torch 395nm Sterilizing UV Light Treat Infections while our SPRING SALE is on!

Want to boost your immune system and find and disinfect specific areas in your home without having to call in the medical detectives?

Uncover what is usually kept invisible & hidden! Make sure you do not sleep on used sheets, find out exactly where your pet lost control, light up insects & live animals or use the UV Torch to treat Virus & Bacteria!

395nm UV wavelength is boosting your immune system. Even a Virus can be killed since they are sensitive to Ultraviolet Light, we can use this to our advantage and zap it away.

A Must-Have tool when fighting a Sickness or Nasty Stains.

Secure yours while supplies last with Discount Code: SPRINGBUZZ15ultra violet uv light kill virus boost immune system metabolismHIGHLIGHTS

✔️ Quick Uncover – Find nasty stains, germs or bugs with the click of a button. Locate spots you need to sterilize and disinfect immediately.

✔️ Sterilize & Treat – Using 395nm UV wavelength you can treat open wounds, boost your immune system or kill Bacteria & Viruses.

✔️ Long-Lasting – Continuous Runtime of up to 10 hours enabling you to use the UV Torch Light whenever you need it for an extended period of time.

✔️ Travel Spy Tool – Thanks to Aeronautical Aluminum Alloy and its lightweight body the UV Torch is a great and easy to carry travel accessory that helps you find a clean environment to stay in using UV Blacklight. Anti-Slip Grip & Lanyard as a gift for you!

✔️ Quality Design – Thanks to a big UV Torch Head with a diameter of 3.1inches it lights up a wider range than other UV lights, enabling you to pinpoint the area you want to further investigate. 100 LED diodes are packing a strong bright blacklight radiancy.

use uv light to kill virus and bacteria

Do not point the UV Torch Head directly in the eyes of humans or live animals. Please talk to a professional before using the UV Torchlight for treating infections.

feature rich many situations nasty spots pets urine blood germs virus


Product Name

UV Ultra Violet Torch Light & Blacklight

LED Light Diodes


Continous Runtime

4-10 Hours

Color Styles

Black and Silver

Switch & Type


Switch & Location

Side Switch


Aeronautical Aluminium Alloy



UV Wave Length

395 NM

Transportation & Security


Light Source Form



7.48 x 3.07in (Length x Head diameter)

Battery & Configurations

6 x AA Battery (Not Included)

Model Number


uv ultra violet flashlight torchlight anti virus

Quickly Spot Your Puppy's Little Secret:

uv torch light find nasty stains sterilize home

What do I get:

1 * Ultra Violet Torch 100 LED Inspection & Sterilizing Blacklight

1 * Lanyard

1 * User Manual


Ultra Violet UV Torchlight treat infections kill virus

UV torch light kill virus bacteria infection treatment