USB Voice Recorder

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Record high quality audio secretly without anyone suspecting a thing!

This innovative USB is an amazing spy tool - you can document any conversation and re-listen it easily on your laptop or computer. You can save up to 32 GB of memory however, SD card is sold separately. 

The clear tone will be recorded even from twenty feet away. Thanks to the durable and powerful battery, you can use it for an entire day without it shutting down. With the amazing memory, you can document hours and hours of conversations. 

The USB is compatible with all laptops and computers and doesn't require any additional software installation. Just plug it in and listen to your recording. Your colleagues, boss or teacher won't suspect a thing and you will have all of the information in one place.

  • Small and portable, it can fit into a pocket
  • Durable battery and large capacity for hours of recording
  • Catching a clear tone even from large distances
  • A universal recorder that doesn't require any particular software installation
  • 10 Hour Battery - never run out of power


10-hours battery
Clear tone even from 20 feet distance



Memory: can support up to 32 GB (SD card is not included)
Dimensions: 70x22x10 millimeters
Battery: lithium

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