Universal Wireless Tire pressure alarm sensor monitor system

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Track Your Wheels is a wireless tire pressure monitoring system that can be solar-charged or USB-charged!
It has a built-in sensor that detects your tires’ pressure & temperature, displaying the data on the monitor in real-time!
Your wife or daughter can now drive at ease because they or you can monitor their tires’ condition regularly!
It’s important to know when your tires are over-inflated or under-inflated, as it can affect the performance of your vehicle including its fuel economy!
It’s a great car accessory to get for your wife or daughter who drives because it protects them from any danger, helps ensure proper tire inflation pressure & can be used on any type of car!
2 charging ways which ensure the tire pressure monitoring system will work continuously, and do not occupy the car cigarette lighter socket.
fast leak alarm, slow leak alarm, high pressure alarm, high temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm and sensor battery low power alarm, ensure safe driving. [ Press any button will stop alarming ]
the monitor displays real-time pressure & temperature, it can be placed anywhere stably and you can easily read the data.
4 wireless external sensors, easy installation and receive real-time signal. The pressure and temperature data can be switched (default 1.5- 6.0 Bar / 22- 87 Psi), with pressure unit: PSI/Bar and temperature unit: C/F selectable.
TPMS is suitable for car tire pressure range less than 6.0 Bar, like sedans, SUV, MPV and etc.
 If one of the sensors does not work properly after first install, reinstall again and wait a short while, it will work then.