Train Horn kit For Trucks, Cars, SUVs, Boats, Motorcycles

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Whether you're a truck driver or a regular road-tripper, safety should be your top priority. Our air horn ensures your vehicle won't go undetected, even on narrow winding roads or in extreme weather conditions.
A blast on this horn and all other drivers will be alerted to your presence! Improved technology creates a powerful sound while the components are safe and hard-wearing.
And because it's a complete kit, you're fully equipped for fast set-up so you can connect the horn and get on the move. Make your purchase now to get noticed and stay safe wherever you travel.


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our train horns kit for trucks is constructed out of Premium High-Quality Chrome Plated Zinc Rust Free Material to ensure maximum strength, durability in any weather, and will last for a long time.
  • SUPER LOUD AND POWERFUL: Our train horn will emit nearly 150DB sound, distinguishing different truck horns, attracting the attention of people around, making driving safer.
  • NEWLY UPGRADED COMPRESSOR: All-copper coil, Vacuum chrome plating, fast response-ability.
  • VERSATILITY: You can use this 150db train horn on any 12V vehicles. Including Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV, Motorcycles, Busses, and Boats.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The air horns for trucks includes basic mounting hardware, hose, and relay. It is very easy to install, you just need to splice a wire from the positive screw terminal to the power wires of the original horn wire or an air horns switch installed on the dashboard, then splice a wire to the ground (Negative wire).

    Suitable for any vehicle that uses a 12V battery. 

    It's the perfect upgrade for trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, boats, and bigger motorcycles. The installation process takes less than an hour and is easy to do.

    Having a loud Train Horn has many benefits:

    ★ Great Trumpet Design to fit on any Truck, SUV, Car, Boat, Or Train Measuring 16.9" x 3.7" Inches.
    ★ Designed to work on any vehicle that has a 12 Volt DC Power available.
    ★ Made out of Premium High-Quality Chrome Plated ZINC Rust Free Material.
    ★ A powerful compressor gives out a super loud 150DB sound that can not be ignored.
    ★ Strong enough to be out on any weather and will not get damaged.
    ★ Package includes the Air Horn Trumpet with the Tube and 12V Compressor, Also includes the Basic Mounting Hardware. (Does Not Include Relay, Switch, and Wiring Kit)
    ★ Air Horn installs easy.


    • Trumpet diameter: 3.75 inch / 95 mm.
    • Trumpet length: 17.7 inch / 450 mm.
    • Material: Chrome-plated metal.
    • Compressor color may vary between chrome/red
    • Working Voltage/Power consumption: 12V, 20A.
    • 1-year warranty

    Each set includes 

    • Metal trumpet,
    • 12V electric compressor,
    • Air hose,
    • A bag of fixings
    • Manual for the installation.

    Hurry! Get Yourself Delivered The Sound Needed And Make Your Life More Easier By Adding This Amazing Single Trumpet Air Horn To Your Cart Today!