Third Generation Turbocharged Cyclone Dust Collector

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The third generation turbocharged cyclone dust collector is widely used in all industries, such as machinery, textile, household appliances, food, grain, coal, cement, building materials, thermal power, metallurgy, steel, sweeper, dust removal equipment manufacturing and personal processing center manufacturing dust removal facilities.

Can completely replace: bag-type dust removal equipment, it has: simple manufacturing process, ultra-low production costs, lower operating costs, dust removal efficiency and pressure constant, basic maintenance-free advantages are incomparable bag-type dust removal.

The working principle of a cyclone collector is: The mixture of dust and gas enters the dust collector along the horizontal pipe, rotates and settles at a high speed downward along the wall of the barrel, and "dust" falls into the dust barrel below under the strong centrifugal force and its own gravity, and the clean dust gas is discharged upward along the central pipe.

Points for attention: In order to ensure the normal use of cyclone dust collector, the inlet air volume must be far greater than the dust content, the minimum air intake must be greater than 70%, otherwise there will be "choking dust" phenomenon, that is, a large amount of dust into the vacuum.

This is because the working principle of the cyclone dust collector is different from that of the bag dust collector, so it is absolutely impossible to use the cyclone dust collector like a pumping unit, and bury the suction nozzle in the dust. If you do that, because there is no air in the dust collector or the air content is too small, the upward discharge can only be "ash"!

Size: 320*200*170mm/12.6*7.87*6.69"
Weight: 550g
Material: ABS
Packaging: single color box packaging
Auxiliary fan power: more than 750W (whirlwind fan)
Air volume: 174-280m3/H
Wind pressure: 2.2-22kpa
Dust removal efficiency: 90-99%
Inlet and outlet diameter: 50mm/1.97"

Style: Black Have Flange Base

1. Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement. 

Package Content: 
1 x Cyclone

Third Generation Turbocharged Cyclone Dust Collector