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Earth Digger 4200 hydraulic excavator is the most powerful excavator available today, created for the customer who requires reliability and high production in bulk earth moving or construction projects. CNC machined metal parts, fully assembled, ready to dig! Massive power through 380KV brushless system.

Feel its charm through the video:


100% CNC Machined Aluminum (except Track and Hydraulic Pump)
Custom 8 Channel 2.4Ghz radio
Steel Molded Tracks (35mm Width, 45-grade carbon Steel)
Undercarriage rotate 360 degrees (Endless)
350KV brushless monster torque motor (4130 OutRunner, 6mm Shaft)
XT60 Power Plug Female
Run time is: 1.5-2 hour (6500mAh battery)
Steel Machined Oil Pump (45mm X 30mm X 15.5mm)
Digging force: 15kg / 33pounds
Driving Speed: 310 Meter per hour
Scale: 1:18
Dig Depth: 495mm / 19.4inch
Dead Weight: 20kg / 44lbs

Armageddon Hydraulic Dump Truck is highly detailed, based on European Style Dump Truck. Engineered specifically for the tough demands of transporting gravel, sand, asphalt, snow, wood chips or rocks. CNC machined metal parts, fully assembled, ready to work! Be ready for the massive power through the 1000KV high speed output brushless system.

Powerful Armageddon Hydraulic Dump Truck:


Recommended payload: 16kg/35lbs
Maximum lift power: 42kg/92lbs
Fully painted
Scale fire extinguishers and spare wheel/tire
Cylinder maximum thrust: 109kg/231 lbs
Scale: 1:20
1000kV Brushless motor-driven micro hydraulic pump
Theoretical load: 15kg/33lbs
Load total mass: 23kg/50lbs
First gear 1:16, second gear 1:4 (Transmission)
Basic 6 channel 2.4Ghz radio
Basic 60T 540 motor
This product is professionally pre-assembled