Solar Power Portable Charger (10,000 MAH)

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" This is the only portable charger you will ever need if you plan to use this for the outdoors. "

-Gary L, Singapore

How cool would it be to charge a portable charger through the energy of the sun?

To never worry about not having enough battery?

To never worry about spoiling your portable charger? 

We got the perfect idea for you!

Our portable charger doesn't just allow your phone to charge forever through the energy from the sun, but it is also built to be extremely durable.  

It is WATERPROOF and almost indestructible.

Go and embrace the greatest happiness while you're traveling or going outdoors with our Solar Power Portable Charger! 

*Package comes with instructions for use*

  • Dual Ports --Charge two devices at the same time while on the go, the quick 2.1A charge provides the fastest charging speed to you. 
  • Highest Quality Materials--The best environmentally friendly silicone protects it from rain, dirt, and shock/drops. It uses lithium polymer batteries with 10000mAh. Equipped with over-charge protection system. Over 1000+ recharge cycles. 
  • Wide Compatibility--Compatible with most USB-Charged devices such as for iPhone iPad, iPod Samsung phones, other Android mobile phones, Kindles, GoPro Camera, GPS and More 


We make sure everything goes smoothly for you! :)