Smart Keyless Front Door Lock Electronic Wifi Fingerprint

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Secure your home or office by adding another layer of security. The Sherlock Smart Door Lock will make your life easier and more convenient.

You can easily lock or unlock your door with your fingerprint or phone. So you don't have to carry your key or worry about losing it.

The best thing is, you can fix the Smart Door Lock on any door and turn it into a smart lock without dismantling your old lock. It sits right over it. Just fix it over your keyhole - that's it. (Watch the video below for details)


  • Advanced Anti-Theft: TheSmart Door Lock blocks and turns the deadlock cylinder and makes it impossible for even the most experience burglars from breaking in. Unlike a regular lock, this lock cannot be picked.
  • Touch Function: The Capacitive touch switch detects the fingerprint accurately and can be used to open and close the door.
  • Control using your Phone: Lock and unlock your door, get alerts, and give guest access using your phone from anywhere. Download the Mi Home App to control all the functions of the Keyless Door Lock. The app is available for IOS and Android devices
  • Virtual Keys: Create and share unique virtual keys with family, friends, brokers, tenants, and housekeepers. Virtual keys are used through the Mobile App to open the door. No need to physically hand over keys like the old days.
  • Multiple Ways to Open: Open using the mobile app, electronic fingerprint scanner and also your regular door key to open the Smart Door Lock.
  • Easy to Install: Instant stick lock. No need to disassemble the original lock. 
  • Long Battery Life: The Rechargeable 3800mAh Battery can be fully charged in about 6 hours and then lasts up to 1 year on a single charge even on regular usage.


Detailed Features:

Anti-theft mode

Product Details and Configurations:

Key Size Requirements:


1: Why is this better than a Keypad Door Lock?
A: Keypads tend to have a shorter life span and the installation is complicated due to wiring. The small wires can get damaged easily. The Sherlock Smart Door Lock is wireless and easy to install. It doesn't feature delicate keypads and can last you much longer than keypad door locks.

2: How do I install it and do I need to dismantle the lock?
A: Installation will take you 5 minutes. No dismantling the lock or opening it. The strong adhesive pad sticks to your door. Place it at the keyhole and then follow the instructions. The screws and tools are included in the box.

3: Can it handle rough weather?
A: Yes. The Smart Door Lock can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures. This makes it an ideal front door lock.

4: Will it affect the use of the handle?
A: No. It doesn't obstruct in the handle's way. You can comfortably use it without hitting the door lock.

5: How do I know if it will work with my current door lock?
A: The lock is designed to clamp over 99% of deadbolts out there. Ensure that the door has a flat surface, that's it. So don't worry. If you have a doubt, send us a picture at and we will tell you if yours is compatible.

6: It is only suitable for front door locks?
A: No, it can be used on any door i.e bedroom, storage rooms, office, closet, vault, etc

7:  Can I still use my physical keys to open the door?
A: Absolutely. You can use your old physical key to open the door

8: Does it support Wifi and Bluetooth?
A: Yes. It used Wifi to send you notifications of who opens the door and when etc. Bluetooth is used to open the lock using your phone or smart remote.

9: How long does the battery last and do I need to replace it?
A: No, you don't have to ever replace the battery. It is rechargeable. It takes 6 hours to charge 100% and will last you for an entire year with just 1 charge. Charging is very easy