Skin Rejuvenation Wrinkle Removal RF Radio Frequency Machine

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 What is RF (Radio Frequency)?
Technically speaking, radiofrequency is a kind of electromagnetic spectrum. It is a high frequency and alternating electromagnetic wave. When RF acts on the skin, it will make the collagen of dermal fibers heated to 45 °C -65 °C. Then the collagen fiber will shrink in a short time which can tighten the flabby skin and stimulate the collagen to grow. By this, RF energy will prompt the dermis layer to be firm and elastic. That is, to tighten the skin and remove the wrinkle.

 Operation Instruction1000 LW-113说明书-英文

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After-sale Service
We guarantee all our products will be shipped out free of defects, damages and shall include all necessary parts; We offer 1-year warranty for all our items (main machine only). 3-month warranty for spare parts, do not include consumable/ disposable parts, like replacement bulbs, any glass pieces, filters and vacuum tubes;Damages caused by water, tampering, mishandling, abuse, or misuse of the appliance is not included in;For all products, the warranty is valid for one year.


Product Detail

Commodity Quality Certification: ce
Power Source: electric
Type: Radio Frequency
Model Number: 113
Color: White and Black
Technology: Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation
Input Voltage: AC100~240V/ 50~60Hz
Apply Part: Eye Part, Face, Neck and Body
Function 1: Skin Tightening, Lifting
Function 2: Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation
Function 3: Anti-aging Skin Care
Type: For home and salon use


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