Professional Arm Wear Bedwetting Sensor Alarm For Baby Toddler Adults Potty Enuresis Training

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This Little Device Is Already Helping Thousands Of Americans To Get Rid Off Enuresis Problems



What is bedwetting alarm?

A highly effective treatment for bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) which is efficient, inexpensive, free of side effects and uses no medications. Designed with advanced features, this bedwetting alarm combines an alarm sound with LED lights to help even the deepest sleeper wake. 





No more embarrassing moments for you or your child


No more:
  • Guilt and embarrassment, which can lead to low self-esteem 
  • Loss of opportunities for social activities, such as sleepovers and camp 
  • Rashes on the child's bottom and genital area — especially if your child sleeps in wet underwear

Advanced Easy-Clip Sensor Technology, features Secure Grip and Quick Detect. With Secure Grip, you can quickly and easily attach the clip-on sensor to cotton underwear. Unlike inferior taped-on sensors that fall off, Secure Grip locks the sensor in place so it does not become dislodged. This is the only sensor that alerts the user if it is not fastened properly. 



Perfect for every age

It's hard for you to watch your baby or elder all night. This kind of bedwetting alarm will play a role as a watchman and can wake you or bring the attention to your baby or elder or even for the pets when they wet the bed or need a diaper change. It is the perfect accessory for health care providers or for parents.