Premium Baby Bedside Bassinet Sleeper Crib

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Premium Baby Bedside Bassinet Sleeper Crib

Looking for the perfect bedside bassinet that'll keep your baby nice and close throughout the night? Our exclusive bedside sleeper was designed to make it easy and convenient for a mother or father to stay close to the baby and provide proper care throughout the night. 

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Created for utmost comfort for the child and ease of use for the parents, our baby bedside sleeper connects directly to the side of the bed without leaving any gaps. Not only does this baby bedside bassinet make it easy for parents to keep a close eye on their baby, but it also ensures that the baby sleeps without worry.

Best part of all, the bassinet sleeper crib that attaches to a bed contains several different storage sections to store your baby's essential items, such as the milk bottle, diaper wipes, a folded diaper machine, and more. Extremely sturdy and safe for your child to sleep and grow in.

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COMFORTABLE - When it comes to sleep, babies need to feel comfortable and safe like they did in the mother's womb. Our baby bedside crib contains a special mattress which acts as a weighted blanket to give the child the support it needs.

EASILY WASHABLE - Cleaning the bedside bassinet doesn't have to be a task. The mattress within the bedside sleeper can easily be taken out and washed in a washing machine or manually. Keep it nice and clean for the baby's positive health.

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PORTABLE - Since the baby bedside sleeper can be simply setup in four simple steps and has a fold and unfold design, it's extremely portable. Plus, the fixed legs on the bottom make it easy to drag the baby bedside bassinet around to switch location.


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