pop n play interactive motion cat toy

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 Your cat will love this pop n' play. New and improved design.
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  This is the cat toy that entertains and exercises felines by encouraging them to stalk an elusive "mouse" that pops out randomly. Just like the carnival games the random unpredictable movements are irresistible to cats. Keeping them entertained for hours. The non slip sturdy base is lightweight and secures the toy to the ground. The durable design will handle even the worst pounces and scratches.
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  • SPORADIC & RANDOM MOVEMENTS - The random peek a boo pop out mouse stimulates and exercises your kitty.
  • NON SLIP STURDY BASE - Its lightweight so you can bring it anywhere. The non slip base make sure your toy stays securely in place.
  • UNIQUE 360° DESIGN - The dome shape is ideal to entertain your cats from any angle. Providing hours of fun and entertainment for the family.
  • DURABLE DESIGN & GREAT FOR ALL CATS - Great for all cats both young and old. The device will withstand a beating even from the most ferocious pounces and scratches. It also includes an changeable mouse and feather.
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Product specs:

  • Made of ABS material, durable and sturdy.
  • Size:23cm/9.06"*23cm/9.06"*10cm/3.94"
  • Color: green
  • Battery type:4*LR14  1.5V(Batteries not included)
  • Sharpening claw. Suitable for cats to play or training.
In the package:
Automatic Pop Up Interactive Motion Cat Toy - Random Moving Squeaking Mouse Tease Toy