Personal Body Portable Citizen Camera

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In the world we live in today, true safety is not guaranteed at all. That's why as proactive citizens, we need to take the necessary precautions to make sure we're fully safe in all circumstances. Our revolutionary Personal Body Portable Citizen Camera will be your new best friend when it comes to safety.

Body Camera

Inspired by law enforcement body cameras, our small body camera is ideal for just about any situation. The small & ergonomic design of this hidden body camera lets you clip it onto your clothes or simply keep it inside your pocket. The recordings from this personal body camera can be easily viewed with a memory card.

The best part about our body camera is that it provides high quality audio and video output, specifically 1080p. Record all of the scenes you wish with extremely high quality and save it on your preferred device.

Get our body camera for yourself or give it as a gift for someone who could use a little extra safety and protection. After all, we designed these small body cameras for law-abiding citizens.


COMPACT & PORTABLE - The small, portable design of this mini hidden body camera is super convenient for the user. It has very little weight and can comfortable be attached to clothing or fit inside a pocket.

LONG LASTING - On one full recharge, our hidden personal body camera can last up to 75 full minutes. Record high quality and long lasting videos with ease with this small body camera.

DURABLE - Our personal body camera is made with high quality material; it's designed to last rough situations and circumstances.


1pc x Hidden Body Police Camera
1pc x Charging Cable
1pc x Instruction Manual