Multi-Purpose Paint Rollers PRO-SET

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Farewell the disarray & have fun at painting walls, ceilings & decks with the whole family using the Multi-Purpose Paint Rollers PRO-SET!

No Drips, No Spills, No Mess!
You can paint right into those problematic corners quickly without any uneven & unsightly brush strokes with the roller.
  • Retractable Rod can help paint the high place quickly, and You don't need to climb up & down again.
  • Corner Cutter Painter is for painting corners or edges.
  • Flocked Edger is for painting narrow surfaces, such as door frames, window sills, without any need for masking tape.

So, Decorate your home go easier with this Multi-Purpose Paint Rollers PRO-SET now!

Package Content:
- 1x Multi-Purpose Paint Rollers PRO-SET