Mini Best Air Purifier Ionization for Car

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This Mini Best Air Purifier Ionization for Car is your best choice to purify the air inside your car.

You will feel safe and comfortable knowing that this product works, not just some artificial gadgets. It decomposes odor substances through activated carbon filter. Other car purifier products without activated carbon filter just absorb odor, but won't kill it, so when you turn off the device, these substances are set free to the air again. Perfume air freshener just a cover-up for these odor substances to make them smell pleasant. The more you inhale the pleasant smell, the more bad substances come in.

With activated carbon filter, it will absorb all kind of odor, remove formaldehyde (a colorless, strong-smelling gas used in making building materials and many household products. Your car dashboard, door handles and armrests uses formaldehyde. You can read this article "Do car interiors turn toxic in the summer?" by HowStuffWorks), benzene and other substances. You might not notice, but inside your car, there are billions of harmful articles and these got even worse for smokers car.

Capable of generating 8 millions negative ion, together with the activated carbon filter, it can produce a high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) ratings of 205 m3/h. It also can remove 95% of purify formaldehyde, 99% of PM2.5 air pollutant. Smart One Key Touch for easy operation, easy to use in car, even little kid will know how to turn it on and off. 360 degree all-direction purification enable air purification effectively. It can be powered by any USB or car charger. There is a USB port in the air purifier for other use such as charging your smartphone etc.


  • Uses activated carbon filter - absorb all kind of odor, remove formaldehyde, benzene and other substances.
  • Generate 8 millions negative ion - make the air inside your car fresh. Breath fresh air like on mountains or beaches.
  • High 205 m3/h CADR ratings of, remove 95% of purify formaldehyde, 99% of PM2.5 air pollutant.
  • Smart One Key Touch for easy operation - elderly and kids can use it with ease.
  • 360 degree all-direction purification.
  • A big latte cup size, can be put easily inside a cup holder of your car.

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