Micro Ecology Mini Ionic Air Purifier Negative Ion Generator Aroma Air Freshener Triple Filter HEPA Air Ionizer for Home Office

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  • Micro ecology air purifier, physical and plant double purify.

  • 360° air inlet and outlet, can effectively clean air circulation to sites throughout the whole house.

  • Negative ion generator, >6 million pcs/cm3.

  • 2 level wind speed adjustment, different purify speed.

  • Acrylic one-touch visual panel, easy to operation.

  • 3 layers of compound filter(primary cotton, activated carbon and cold catalyst filter), filter removes 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, can effective adsorb of formaldehyde, removal of the second hand smoke, dust.

  • Also can choose HEPA filter.


Package Content

  • Air Purifier×1(contain 1pcs 3in1 compound filter)

  • 12V adapter×1

  • User manual×1

  • Gift Package×1

  • Charging adapter×1(original plug is China plug, and we provide free charging adapter US/Euro/Australia/British/Germany standard)