Magic Massager Gun

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Pain or muscle soreness can be discomforting and self-healing can take too long. If you massage the aching muscle, the pain will easily go away. This Magic Massager Gun can help you treat and cure all types of muscle pain.

The gun comes in two colors and features an amazing working time and capacity of the battery. With four different massaging heads, you can use this gun on all body parts. It will help you relax and soothe the pain.

The gun is completely silent and there are three different speeds. By clicking one button, you can pause it and if you are not using for more than 15 minutes, it will automatically turn off. You will love how gentle, efficient and powerful this gadget is. 


  • Working time: 2 hours
  • The capacity of the battery: 1500 mAh
  • Speed: 3 levels

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