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Some yoga beginners do not have good control of their body for a correct handstand without experiencing long-term yoga exercises. That maybe lead to excessive stretching or compression of the cervical spine and inter-vertebral disc. At this time, this suitable LivingVim™ Yoga Headstand Bench inverted stool is very necessary. LivingVim™ Yoga Headstand Bench supports the weight by the shoulder to help you carry out a correct inverted position. Doing an inverted position strengthens your spine and core as it works the muscles in your abdomen, back, neck, shoulders and arms. With this LivingVim™ Yoga Headstand Bench, doing yoga can improve metabolism, reduce varicose veins, help relieve stress and mild depression, etc.

LivingVim™ Yoga Headstand Bench Features: 

  • YOGA AIDS WORKOUT CHAIR: It can effectively help you reduce the negative effects of gravity on your body. Overcome skin relaxation. Please match the appropriate movements to create a perfect body curve that will give you firm skin, chest and hips.
  • SAFETY: Made of more environmentally friendly materials, the frame is also designed according to physical engineering, with super pressure resistance; and high-density PU foam pad, which makes you more comfortable when climbing.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: The chair is not only a yoga chair, but also when we have a break, we can even use it as a sofa and a shoe to replace the stool,The stool is versatile.
  • BEST CHOICE: Yoga stool can reduce troubles, social life is fast, sub-healthy people increase in body, inverted need to consume a lot of energy, it can lose weight like other sports, it can also help the body's blood circulation, improve the head Blood supply, Inverting five minutes is equivalent to two hours of sleep
  • UNIQUE PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The inverted machine adopts ergonomic design and novel design. This inverted stool helps to stand upside down, support the weight through the shoulders, and make the inverted stand easier, It is the first choice for beginner yoga invaders. Simple structure, easy to carry, popular with yoga enthusiasts

Benefits of Standing Upside Down

  • ①Relieve fatigue
  • ②Promote sleep
  • ③The circulation of the blood
  • ④Relax the bones
  • ⑤Relax the waist and neck
  • ⑥Strengthen the body
  • ⑦Health care keeping in good health


  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Item Type: Yoga Kit
  • Material: PU+ Steel Pipe
  • Weight: Approx. 4.9kg
  • Size: Approx. 44x43x36.5cm
  • Color: Red

Package Includes:

1 * Yoga Headstand Chair

Why Do Everyone Like to Stand Upside Down?

  • Improve the Loop and Relieves Stress--When your body is upside down, the blood flow to your brain will increase significantly,which is increasing mental endurance and improve insomnia and headache.This posture is extremely helpful if you are having anxiety, stress, fear or otherwise worrisome thoughts.In addition, your blood carries oxygen and nutrients to your head, nourishing the brain and improving your attention and memory.Especially good for mental workers.
  • Fight Against Sagging and Anti Aging--After human being erected, due to the effect of gravity,many gastrointestinal, heart organ drooling and insufficient blood supply to the brain. Causing fat accumulation in the abdomen and thighs, which results in waistline and obesity. And it is prone to baldness, blurred vision, white hair, sagging facial muscles, and fatigue.In the case of an inverted position, the internal organs get gravity and reverse action, which improves the sagging condition and effectively avoid aging problems.
  • Strengthen Body Function--Under the action of gravity, the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back and the waist are subjected to more load, causing excessive tension, resulting in muscle strain, cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, and frozen shoulder.The shoulders, arms and core muscles are activated in reversal, which increases your strength in key muscle groups. Inverted is a good way to balance the lower body and strengthen it.
  • Enhance Immunity--The health of your body depends in part on your lymphatic system. As the lymph passes through your body, it absorbs the toxins and takes them to the lymph nodes for removal. By reversing your body, you can move your lymph fluid to critical areas of your body (such as the lungs) more quickly and easily. The practitioner will stay away from colds, coughs, tonsillitis, bad breath,constipation, palpitations and other diseases.
  • Improve Digestion--When standing upside down, the legs are in an up position so that the body can relax deeply. It is easier to stimulate the nerves through slow and regular breathing. In this state, the body is more efficient in digestion and directly affects metabolism, which is beneficial for people with constipation.
  • Get Patience and Fun--Just like life, yoga is about journey - experience - not destination. Every attempt to stand up is a learning experience. When you stand up again and try again after falling, you will learn to be patient and kind to your body.