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Product Name: Wall Lamps

Body color : Black, White, Green

Size: 12cm/4.72in (D) x 31cm/12.2in (H)

Light Source: E27 LED

Craft: Cutting, polishing, mechanism, welding, paint

Main Material: Metal + Glass

Irradiation area: 5-10 square meters

Voltage: AC 85-265V

Light Source Include or Not: No.

Package Contents: 1 pcs x Wall Lamps

Stylish and versatile

Imitation brass plating process
Strictly selected high-purity and low-impurity steel, after delicate sandblasting, the specially selected imitation copper pigment is plated on the surface of the product using the environmentally friendly electroplating method, and the color is uniform, and the metal feel is strong and layered.

Installation steps

1. Remove all accessories from the box. Drill two holes in the wall.
2. Put the white expansion screws into the holes on the wall.
3. Install the circular hanging plate and put the screws to fix it on the wall.
4. Please cut off the power before connecting the wires, and connect the L/N wireof the lamp to live wire and neutral wire respectively. Tighten the lamp body
5. Tighten the screws with a hexagonal screwdriver to fix the lamp body.

1. Do not use power beyond the specified range (AC85-265V, 50-60Hz)
2. Cut off the power supply before installation to prevent electric shock.
3. Avoid scratching lamps and wires during installation
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