Laser Rangefinder With Slope Distance Measurement

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Let every shot be the most accurate one.

With an incredible accuracy of under 1 yard even at a range of 1500 yards. You don't have to worry about or guess/estimate the arc or slope of your projectiles' trajectory. You will be accurate and precise every single time.

The Scope Laser Rangefinder is definitely a step up from its peers and delivers the unrivaled accuracy you come to expect from world-class Rangefinders in a smaller and faster package. 


  • Incredible accuracy to 1 yard
  • PinSeeker with JOLT technology
  • Accurate Slope measurement and True horizontal distance
  • Rainproof and Waterproof construction
  • Distance Measure Mode, Scan Measure Mode, Golf Pinseeker Mode, Speed Measure Mode, Fog Mode.
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Fast focus system with 6X Magnification
  • Ergonomic design with superior rubber grip


  • Range: 5-600,900,1200,1500 yards
  • Magnification - 6x
  • Field of view: 7°
  • Measuring time: 0.5-1S
  • Measurement metric: M/sec and Km/sec 
    • Power Type: Battery-Powered
    • 3-Volt CR2 battery and premium carry case (included in the box)


    A Fog Mode:

    Aim at the target object and short press power button. Then, the distance value will be displayed on the lens

    B Speed Mode

    Aim at the object and short press the power button. Keep aiming as the object moves until the speed value displays on the screen.

    C Distance Mode

    Single distance measuring: Aim at the target object and short press power button to start measuring. The measuring result would be displayed on the lens.

    Continuous distance measuring: Long press the power button. The distance value would be displayed in real-time according to where you are pointing at.

    D Pinseeker Mode

    Pinseeker mode is designed for measuring the distance to a flagpole. Under this mode, the product is able to separate the flagpole (point D) from the clutter (such as trees and bushes) in the background. Only the distance to point D would be displayed.