Kids Worm Catching Educational Toy

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Kids Worm Catching Educational Toy

Improve your kid's hand and eye coordination without any effort!

Kids Worm Catching Educational Toy is a truly amazing toy because aside from it being so entertaining, this could actually give your kids a lot of learnings that they can use in the future. The good thing about this is that this is made from 100% safe materials so you can rest assured that this will not cause any harmful effects to your kid's health. This is also specially made to come in very vibrant colors because it is proven that kids get more attracted to something bright. So you can guarantee that the moment your kids saw this, they will never stop wanting to play with it anymore.

This toy is very easy to use, as a matter of fact, your kids can master how to use it as fast as 1,2,3. You won't even need to teach them how to play with this. The worms for this toy are so adorable so there is no way they would get scared of it. They also come in different colors so your kids will have an initial idea of how colors differ from each other. This toy is specially made to be handy as well so your kids will never have a hard time carrying this anytime and anywhere they would like to.

  • Safe: This is made from environmentally friendly materials which makes this non-toxic and 100% safe to use.
  • Durable: This is meant to last for a long time so your kids can rely on its strong durability and long-lasting life span.
  • Easy To Use: Your kids no longer need to ask for help from you because they can determine how to play with this easily.
  • Appealing: The adorable appearance and vibrant color of this will surely be the greatest reason why your kids will get attracted to it easily.
  • Dimension: (Red)14.8*15.7*6.5cm/5.8*6.2*2.6in | (Green)14.6*15.7*6.5cm/5.7*6.2*2.6in